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Garage Demolition


Junk Removal 


New Retaining Wall 

retaining wall



Junk Removal Rates...(Labor Included)

(Option #1)  1/2 Pick-Up Truck "Or Less" ($75)  (Option #2)  Whole Pick-Up Truck "8ft" ($150)

(Option #3)  8 Yard Dump Trailer 6x10x3.5ft  ($250) Full Load 

(Option #4)  11 Yard Dump Trailer 6x10x5ft  ($350) Full Load

(Option #5)  14 Yard Dump Trailer 6x10x6.5  ($450) Full Load

> > A small charge may be added to jobs involving disassembly, flights of stairs, etc.


Furniture, Appliances, Carpet, Sheds, Drywall, Pianos, Pool Tables, Treadmills, Mattresses, Lumber,

Shingles, Plaster, Tree Brush, Fallen Trees, Concrete, Cement, Bricks, Car & Truck Batteries, TV's, Electronics,

Computers, Brakes, Rotors, Engines, Transmissions, Go-Carts, Tires $10, Paint $5 per gallon, Wheel Chairs,

Hospital Beds, Metal Pipes, Copper, Radiators, Brass, Floor Tile, Kitchen Cabinets, Bath Tubs, Hot Tubs,

 Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, Aluminum Siding, Windows, Ladders, Railroad Ties and more... 

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