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                      Since 2009 DP 7 Day Services has done hundreds of jobs for residents and businesses in the

                    Pittsburgh region.  Our drive for quality speaks for itself as our customer base continues to

                  expand year after year.  Call us today and make your appointment with a company that

cares about the final result.   




* Demolition services available in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland Counties.

* All other services available in Allegheny County.

        ` Q&A Section `

(1) What type of Demolition do you specialize in?

We tear down garages, decks, patios, mobile homes, tree houses, interior / extrerior walls,

concrete structures, etc.

(2) What type of Hauling Services do you offer?

Removal of items from your home, business or storage unit.  This includes

whole house property cleanouts and debris from your DIY projects as well.

(3) I'm moving, how much stuff can you take on 1 trip?

Up to (4) Pick Up Trucks worth of items.

Average price is $150.00 for a "Full Size" Pick Up Truck and $100.00

 each additional if it's organized and ready to go. 

(4) Can you tell me what type of items your company will haul away?

Furniture, appliances, tree brush, electronics, paint + $5/gallon, tires + $10 most sizes,

tv's + $10 most sizes, propane tanks + $15, mattresses, pianos, car parts, scrap metal,

 cabinets, carpet, concrete, drywall, plaster, lumber, roofing shingles, sinks,

toilets, tubs, books, magazines, clothing, etc.   

(5) Please explain what Paint Flake floors are?

They are floors (usually concrete) that are given a unique speckled appearance

by using decorative paint flakes.

(6) Do you install light fixtures also?

Yes.  Basic fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans. 


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